News Your fault or mine?

Published by Lewis on 30th May, 2017

How much attention and effort have you paid to asking practical questions when viewing a property in the past? Though a good central-heating system and cavity wall insulation aren't exactly eye-catching features, considering energy efficiency but more importantly whether improvement work is required could save buyers money and stress in the longer term.

A survey by E.O.N found that one in three viewers don't consider energy efficiency while viewing a property on the first visit, which could include central heating or double glazing. More surprising still, the survey found that more people are considering the feel of a home than whether improvement is required or if the property will flood.

It's of course natural when viewing a property to try to imagine whether this could be your home, how your furniture might suit, whether one of the rooms would be appropriate as a home office and so on. Having said that, whilst on the surface the home might appear perfect, if there is a damp problem, subsidence or other structural issues, the dream home could quickly become a nightmare.

A building survey is the most thorough and comprehensive evaluation of a property's condition, and can be a good way to mitigate the things that viewers tend to miss when looking at potential homes. Though the perception may be that surveys are expensive, when thinking of the problems that could be unearthed that would cost the buyer thousands to fix, it's not obvious why more people don't choose to have a survey carried out.

If you decide that a building survey is not appropriate for you, Homeowner's Alliance do have a DIY check survey on their website that should be the very least that a buyer should be investigating before buying any property. 

At SmartMove, we are trying to match sellers and buyers up to exchange dream homes, and that's why we encourage buyers to have a proper and accurate view of what they are investing in, and hopefully living in for years to come. Come in and chat to us, whatever your circumstances to see what your next smart move should be!