Navigating Peterborough Rental Market: Tenant Rights & Landlord Tips

Navigating Peterborough Rental Market: Tenant Rights & Landlord Tips

As leading letting agents in Peterborough, Smart Move has been at the forefront of the local rental market for over a decade. During this time, we’ve witnessed firsthand the ever-changing landscape that both landlords and tenants must navigate. From rapidly shifting rental prices and property values to new laws and regulations governing rented properties, the challenges of the Peterborough rental market are constantly evolving.

However, our experienced team has developed an in-depth understanding of this dynamic environment and the key factors that ensure success for all parties involved. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share Smart Move’s expert advice for tenants looking to secure their ideal rental home while protecting their rights. You’ll also gain invaluable insights for landlords aimed at maximising their rental income, finding long-term reliable tenants, and avoiding costly pitfalls.


Whether you’re just starting your rental property journey or an established landlord, this blog will equip you with the knowledge to thrive in Peterborough’s unique rental market.

Peterborough Rental Market

The Role of a Letting Agent

As experienced letting agents working in the heart of Peterborough, we’ve seen the rental market in our city undergo substantial changes over the years. With increased demand for rental properties and fluctuating supply, landlords and tenants alike face new challenges in navigating this landscape successfully.

At Smart Move, our experienced team has been guiding both parties through the complexities of the Peterborough rental market for over a decade. We understand the importance of building positive relationships, protecting the rights of tenants, and maximising rental income for landlords through ethical practices.

Tenant Rights

For tenants looking to rent property in Peterborough, being aware of your rights is essential. You have the legal right to live in a property that is in good condition and meets all safety requirements, such as working smoke alarms and a valid gas safety certificate. Responsible landlords should also provide you with an energy performance certificate (EPC) demonstrating the energy efficiency and associated costs.

Your tenancy agreement is a crucial document that stipulates what you can expect during the tenancy, such as when rent payments are due and how much you should pay. Make sure to read this carefully before signing. Prospective tenants should also be allowed to thoroughly inspect a rental property, take photos of its condition, and have all questions addressed before moving in.

Maintaining open communication with both your landlord and letting agent is vital for a harmonious tenancy. Don’t hesitate to raise any repair issues or concerns so they can be promptly addressed. Many disputes arise from a lack of clear communication.

Advice for Landlords

For landlords, Smart Move emphasises the importance of continually investing in your rental properties to maximise their value and appeal to potential tenants. This could involve renovations, upgrading appliances and decor, improving energy efficiency for a better EPC rating, and keeping the property in excellent condition through regular inspections and timely repairs.

Pricing your rental property competitively is also crucial. We closely monitor property market trends, house prices, and rental prices for similar properties in Peterborough to advise you on an optimal monthly rent that attracts quality tenants without undervaluing your investment.

Comprehensive tenant screening is another area where our letting agent services provide immense value. We rigorously evaluate potential tenants by examining their financial situations, employment history, previous landlord references, and credit reports. This allows us to find reliable long-term tenants for your rental properties and avoid issues with missed rent payments or property damages.

Landlords should also familiarise themselves with the latest regulations for rented properties set by the local council. This includes matters of safety, energy efficiency requirements, fair housing rules, and protocols for giving notice on existing tenancies. Let agents like Smart Move stay up-to-date on these ever-evolving policies.

Cultivating Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationships

While rental income is a driving factor, we believe that cultivating positive relationships with tenants and treating them with respect creates a healthier environment that fosters goodwill. This reduces turnovers and issues. We encourage landlords to be attentive to repair requests and tenant well-being across all their rental properties.

The Peterborough Rental Market

Ultimately, the rental market in Peterborough is influenced by various factors on both the supply side and the demand side. A surge in new housing developments could temporarily outpace tenant demand. Conversely, increased job opportunities and amenities often attract more renters to the city, tipping the scales.

As a letting agent, our role is to balance these forces and help clients navigate whichever conditions exist in the Peterborough rental market. Whether you aim to rent or put a property on the rental market, Smart Move offers comprehensive guidance every step of the way.

Why Choose Smart Move?

From conducting affordable property valuations and crafting appealing listings to doting all due diligence on tenancy agreements and legal compliance, our team’s experience and expertise ensure a smooth, successful process for all parties involved. We are deeply invested in the continued growth and prosperity of the Peterborough property market.

So, if you have any questions about renting, please don’t hesitate to contact Smart Move estate agents today. We’re passionate about building long-lasting relationships and delivering results that truly move you.