Navigating Peterborough Rental Market: Tenant Rights & Landlord Tips

As leading letting agents in Peterborough, Smart Move has been at the forefront of the local rental market for over a decade. During this time, we’ve witnessed firsthand the ever-changing landscape that both landlords and tenants must navigate. From rapidly shifting rental prices and property values to new laws and regulations governing rented properties, the […]

Increasing Property Value in Peterborough

Renovating for Resale: Increasing Property Value in Peterborough  As a homeowner in Peterborough, increasing property value is always at the top of my mind. Whether you’re looking to sell in the near future or simply want to enhance your investment, there are numerous strategies you can employ to boost your home’s market worth. From energy-efficient […]

How to Promote Your Property For Sale or Rent

In the competitive world of real estate, effectively promoting your property for sale or rent is paramount to success. Whether you are a private landlord, rental property manager, or estate agent, understanding how to showcase your property’s unique selling points and attract reliable tenants or buyers is essential. In this extensive guide, we’ll explore a range […]